The camping  (start year 1997) managed by ourselves is located
in a countryside setting, next to scenic woodland and attached to
an old farmhouse in the serene village of Horejany. It is ideal
countryside for walking, cycling, bird watching, fishing and canoeing.
The area is characterised by the changing landscape of farmland,
villages and woodland.

The Czech Republic is easy to reach from all the major ports and
countries in Europe via the excellent European motorway network.

There are numerous possibilities for trips all within an hour travel time. Prague, the capital, is only 50minutes (70km).

This small camping is spacious (+/- 4 hectares - 40000 sq metres)
and has 36 places mostly available with electricity (4AMH) and for the nature conscious camper there are good places available. The camping terrain is in keeping with the natural surroundings so that it blends in unobtrusively. There are a limited number of places with shadow.

The site has a swimming pool, a friendly cafeteria and facilities for children such as swings and their own hut.
Campfires and barbecues are allowed.

Tranquillity, space, relaxed and friendliness characterise this camping.

Prices per night                        
Place inclusive 2 persons, car,
and camping equipment                                         € 22,-
Period 080624 untill 290624 only  € 17,-
Extra persons  per person                                      €   4,-
Persons younger than 5 years                                €   2,50
Electricity connection (4 Ampere)                          €   5,-
In total maximum perons on one place: 6.
Dog (on a leash)                                                      €   3,-
Tourist tax (18 - 70 years old)                                 €   0.65

The camping fees must be paid cash in total in the Czech Republic in Euros or Czech Kroons

It is recommended to make reservations for the period 20th July - 15th August. By reservations payment of 50% of the camping fees must paid in advance by bank transfer. BIC/SWIFTCODE bank: ABNANL2A; IBANnummer: NL93ABNA0507160185)
We also have one appartment and two former stables for hire.
The appartment is complete. The 4 and 5 persons stables are simple but complete. Both stables have a kitchen. There is no water in the stables.

Appartment  € 520 weekly. From 020624 untill 300624 only € 350,-
Stable 1: € 325 weekly. From 080624 untill 290624 only € 220.
Stable 2: € 355 weekly. From 090624 untill 300624 only € 240.

This price are all included except the touristtax. Cleaning costs:
appartment € 50 and stables € 35. For further information and the availability of the appartment and stables please mail us.

The camping season 2024 starts saturday June the 8th and ends saturday august the 31st.

We speak English, Dutch, German and some Czech and French.

Route Directions

From the border crossing Cheb & Waidhaus/Rozvadov follow signs to Plzen. In Plzen follow signs to Pisek/Rozmital p. Tr. (immediately after the tunnel) From Plzen to the camping it is +/- 60km (approx 65 min).
After the exit from the highway +/-4km turn left towards Rozmital p. Tr. (road 19).
Stay on this road for +/- 45km until Breznice then follow signs for Milin (note this turnoff is on the left immediately after the bridge over road 174). After 6km you arrive in Tochovice.

From Prague follow signs to Strakonice (Road A4). After the end of the motorway take the turnoff for Pribram/Breznice/Milin and after +/- 1km turn left towards Tochovice. After 6km you arrive in Tochovice.

From  the south (Strakonice/Pisek) take the A4 towards Prague. By the crossroad with road 19 turn left towards Rozmital. Stay on this road till Breznice. In Breznice turn right to Milin  (note this turnoff is on the left immediately after the bridge over road 174). After 6km you arrive in Tochovice.

In Tochovice follow signs to Horejany. After +/- 2 Km you will see the camping.
GPS coordinates: 49.59005 / 14.01422 (lat./long.)

Extra Information

The Czech Republic is twice the size of Holland and a population of 10,5 Million. Significant portions of the population do not have a car however some car owners drive carelessly and it is not unusual for them to drink and drive. A litre of lead free (95) petrol (natural 95) and diesel(nafta) cost you +/- 40 kroons( € 1.60).Overall in the country you can find lead free (95) petrol and diesel (nafta) also in Tochovice. It is also possible to tank LPG (+/- 16 kroons)locally whereas lead free (98) petrol is not readily available.
It is getting more frequently possible to pay for fuel with a bankcard or credit card at petrol stations, also to pay in shops and restaurants.
Eating out is relativily cheap in diverse restaurants. Mostly for just 15 euros per person you can have a decent meal inclusive a drink. Czech cooking is similar to German and Austrian. Goulash for lunch is popular. Plate service is normal and the Czechs are mainly meat eaters with raw vegetables. The restaurant are getting better the last few years and the kitchen more fine.
Lager is of course the favourite drink for the Czechs. The most popular brands are Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar and Gambrinus. There are several beer types in this country. White beer has  a strength of +/- 4% alcohol (10%) to +/- 5,2% alcohol (12%). At the camping we serve beer types from the old Herold brewery situated next to the castle in nearby Breznice.
Most shopping items (not imported) are relatively cheap. The shops are often open 7 days a week with restricted opening times on Saturday and Sunday. In Tochovice there are several small supermarkets for your daily shopping. In Breznice the supermarkets Penny and Norma are everyday open.The larger supermarkets, Hypermarket(AH), Kaufland, Lidl, Tesco etc can be found in Pribram open everyday from 8 a.m. till at least 7 p.m. The choice in these supermarkets are wide and diverse.   
In the Czech Republic with the exception of Prague, some museums, castles, chateaus etc are open on Sundays and closed on Monday.
Banks are only open on weekdays, not at weekends and opening times vary per Bank. Most Banks have cash points and the nearest are in the marketplace in Breznice, +/- 7km from the camping. The exchange rate is approx 1 kroon = 4 eurocents(bancomat), for 100 euros exchanged at the bank you receive approximately 2350 kroons(change). We advise you initially to bring some Czech money with you. At the border the exchange rate is far less than money changed at your home Bank.

You must have a valid passport with you or an European identity card.

Pets must be vaccinated and have an official European passport with proof.
Camping gas is not overall available. We advise you to bring sufficient for holiday with you.

For the Czech motorways you will require a toll-vignette.
Since 2021, these vignettes are only available digitally. Link: e-vignet.
The prices for 2024 (from 01-03-2024) are:
365 days vignette: CZK 2300
30 days vignette: CZK  430
10 days vignette: CZK 270.
1 day vignette: CZK 200.
By the border and several petrol stations these vignettes can be purchased. Fines for not having one are severe and expensive, maximum CZK 20.000.

The Czech (west Slav) is for people a problem.
The English and German languages are generally well
understood in the larger towns but not so in the villages.
By the better bookshops there are diverse pocketbooks
available which are a handy help with the language.
We advise you first to try communicating in English.
The climate is characterised by the change from a coastal
climate of Western Europe and the land climate eastwards.
The temperature in the camping season is on average +/- 25 C.  
Due the height above sea level of the camping 500 metres the
sun is stronger in the daytime and nights can be cooler than
expected. If it rains this is mainly short (heavy) showers and at
the camping you can see a spectacular lightening show.
During these showers the wind can increase quite strongly.
Fortunately complete grey and dank days are rare.

There are no camping signs posted along the roads

We wish you a fine holiday.        Jelly and Arthur